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In other words it speaks for itself, I guess.

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new oc idek


The Taff Trail (by Paul Scott Thomas)

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Noel being absolutely adorable

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I think I shared this before, but will do so again now.

I’m amazed by how accurate the renders for The Sims 4 are compared to actual in-game models. With The Sims 3, (for me personally) my expectations go incredibly high because pre-release renders were insanely photoshopped.. realistic, to say the least. Hair, textures, facial structure.. all was there in the renders, but not at all in the game.

This time around, it’s a pleasant feel to see that renders are 90% valid representation of the actual game models of Sims (if not 100%, but I’ll leave those 10% just in case they photoshop renders a bit in future). I know that the quality of TS4 pictures is low, but even so it looks the same. Outfits, hairstyles (no matter how bad or good they are, they are the same) and so on.

Cheers, everyone. Let’s enjoy this time until E3 to cherish things like these.

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Baby Giants (by Eric.Vogt)