Uni Simon, 21, Everywhen.
I love landscapes, underrated bands (like Spleen United), electro duos (The Presets, PSB, ect.), k-pop (mostly SHINee and Block B), nu-metal (Korn, SOAD), food, let's plays on youtube (mostly Pewds and BrainDit), scandinavia (music, places), british comedians (MOSTLY Jimmy Carr), sims games with lots of content (sim-making for life), people's faces, photoshoots.
I have instant crushes almost everytime on almost everything, here you can see all of them more or less.
Make gifs and graphics occasionally. Call myself a some_kind_of_artist.

The End of Time vs Time Heist

"Excellent, Doctor, envy is the beginning of all true greatness!"

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hedgehog in a cup

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zikwon being adorable idiots


zikwon couple during interview 

By: Ludmila


By: Ludmila

Q: Do you have any acting rituals? [x]
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